1418 N Division, Spokane, WA - Delivery Available - 509-328-6727 - FAX IN Orders Welcome - 509-328-2488

Sub-Division is Spokane's Oldest Submarine Sandwich Shop. Opened in 1984 and is still locally owned. We've noticed that a lot of places say Fresh or Gourmet but what they mean is it was fresh when they made it, whenever that was. At Sub-Division we make your sub for you AFTER you've ordered it. We cut all our meats as we go, not this morning or last night or even last week. We use real Avocados. No Mash. No Spread. Our bread is baked Fresh each morning by real bakers in Spokane. No food coloring, no giant cans of Tuna that get made once a month! . 328-6727 call now !!